God Wants To Write You Into His Story

Faith Stories From JCC

Below you will find a collection of individual stories from everyday people who are striving to follow their creator. Each week in our worship service we interview someone from the congregation who tells a story of how they came to know God or how they recently had to wrestle through a hardship along their road of faith. We are continually adding more stories each week to this page.

We hope these stories will serve as inspiration for your own journey.


AJ shares about his decision to get baptized and the challenges after.


Shares about her fears about becoming a Christian.


Finding her calling in the most unusual of places.


A teenager shares about the struggle to make the decision to follow Jesus.


Shares his journey of coming to faith.


Jasmin shares about her road to becoming a Christian and the challenge of people pleasing.


Jessica shares about the challenge of finding God when you grow up in church.

Marcus & Liz

Marcus tells the story about his return to God and his preacher past.


With frying pan in hand Renita asked the church ladies to get out of her house.