Paradigm Shift

This ten-part Bible Class series examines issues related to the ICOC regarding our conversion culture. Its aim is to take an honest look at our current conversion methodologies as well as offer ideas on rethinking how we help others become disciples of Jesus.

*These lessons are intended for the Jacksonville Church and its members. Please view at your own discretion.

PS Webinar

Sep 28, 2015.  The Bible Study Bottleneck, New Methods bump into Old Thinking, The Tool becomes the Rule, Rope Management, 28.8 years, a Black Sheep plus Q&A from around the world.


Paradigm Shift X

Recap and Q&A

Sep 13, 2015.  February 2003, NASA’s culture, Q&A,  Columbia’s heat shields, Restoration Studies and Colossians 3:12-14. This session is a recap plus Q&A from around the world.

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Paradigm Shift IX

Helping Religious People part II

Sep 6, 2015. The 90% Dilemma, Confirmation Bias, and the Pharisee. When it comes to helping our religious friends become disciples it’s all about approach as well as managing the 90% dilemma.

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Paradigm Shift VIII

Religious People Part I

Part VII. Aug 30, 2015. In this class Douglas Jacoby gives tips on helping religious friends examine their faith but also challenges our views of  the Kingdom and what’s necessary for baptism.

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Paradigm Shift VII

The Early Days

Part VII. Aug 23, 2015. In this class Randy Tinnin interviews two Christians (Jacqui Salter and Jim Mackie.) who share about their journey to faith, before the days of a study series and the way in which God worked through His Word, His people, and their own pasts.

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Paradigm Shift VI

Once Upon a Time

Part VI. Aug 16, 2015. Do you want to help your friend become a Christian without learning a long study series? Scientists have now discovered the way our brains are hardwired to best process information. When we teach someone the scriptures there is a temptation to get overly academic. In this class Jamie shows you a simple framework to create your own Bible study that takes advantage of God’s hard wiring of our brains.

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Paradigm Shift V

The Gospel

Part V. Aug 9, 2015. Helping someone build their faith involves an element of teaching but where do we start? With so many possible things to teach it can be hard to decide. In this class Jamie talks about the four parts to the basic gospel message as well as one simple thing you can do to figure out where to begin with your friend.


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Paradigm Shift IV

Faith Builders

Part IV. Aug 2, 2015. The Commander’s Intent, big picture, and partnering with God to build someone’s faith. You can’t help someone until you know where they’re starting from. In this class Jamie talks about re-framing your view of people according to where they are in their faith journey.  He then shows you multiple ways in which we partner with God to build someone’s faith in order to reconcile them to God.


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Paradigm Shift III

Part III. July 26, 2015. How much change is enough? How do we know when someone has repented? What should we be looking for when someone is ready to give their life to Jesus. The answers to these questions are crucial in aligning our methods with the teachings in scripture.


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Paradigm Shift II

Part II. July 19, 2015.

What is required for someone to enter the Kingdom of God? What do we look for? How do we help our friends get there, and when are we overstepping our bounds?

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Paradigm Shift

Part 1. July 12, 2015.

How do you tell a fish that he’s wet? In this kick off lesson to the series we look at the challenge of changing beliefs, question some of our church culture, and reexamine our approach to conversion.

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Paradigm Shift Intro

The Health Club

While not part of this series, this 9 minute segment from an earlier sermon outlines some of the problems that are addressed in Paradigm Shift. We always start off with the best of intentions, but human nature often seems to get in the way. It’s a constant struggle to let God be in control, even in helping others come to faith. This is an excerpt from a sermon done earlier this year that shines a light on a health club that innocently lost its way. How does any of this relate to our story?