Better Episode 3 – by Paul Trimble

Since God seems to desire and expect praise from everyone throughout the Bible, does that make Him the ultimate narcissist? He has been accused of such plenty of times. And if His love for us is based on His own character and glory rather than something special about us, does that mean it is less than pure, sincere, and genuine? These are questions that both believers and non-believers wrestle with. Join us for Part 3 of this series on Better to hear more on these questions./p>

Better Episode 2 – by Paul Trimble

The author of the letter to the Hebrews writes that Jesus is the one through whom the universe is made. Perhaps no one can claim to know exactly what that means, but in this second message in the series Better, Paul Trimble delves into the vast depths and mysteries of the universe, as well as some science and history, to gain a greater appreciation for the one from whom it came. – October 08, 2017

Better – by Paul Trimble

Everyone wants something better in their life. But how do you identify what is better? And when you identify it, how do you maintain a laser-like focus versus losing your way? Two thousand years ago, the writer of the letter to the Hebrews extolled the One who is better in every way to any other competing priority or pursuit in our lives, and encouraged his listeners with why and how they could stay steadfast in their commitment to Him. Listen in to the introduction to this series. – October 01, 2017

Mark 16 – by James Robbins

Wouldn’t life be easier if we knew how our lives would turn out? Worrying about the future is something that comes all too naturally for us as people. When Mark wrote the account of Jesus that bears his name, it appears he wrote a cliffhanger ending. How things would turn out wasn’t clear or obvious, and neither is it in our lives. The outcome is largely up to us, and depends on how we answer the question about who Jesus is; listen in as Jamie Robbins concludes this series of the book of Mark. – September 24, 2017

Mark 15 – The Cross- by Bright Meyer

A few days after Hurricane Irma bombarded Florida with floodwaters, Bright Meyer kayaked through his home’s front door. What does this have to do with the events recorded in Mark 15? Everything. Listen in to this message as Bright reminds us what a true home is like, and how the message of the cross can keep bringing us back to that reality. – September 18, 2017

Mark 14 – by Paul Trimble

How do you handle stress, adversity, and conflict? Cower in a corner? Put up your dukes? Run for safety? Everybody has their own way of handling difficult times. In Mark 14, Jesus shows a different way. Those around him all faltered in one way or another, much as we do. Yet Jesus, under the most intense pressure imaginable, perfectly handled the perfect storm. In this message, we look at how and why He did so, what we can learn from Him, and marvel at his choices that made it possible for us to follow in his footsteps in our times of difficulty. – September 03, 2017

Mark 13 – Mini-Apocalypse by Paul Trimble

What could be more solid and reassuring than a stone building whose beauty was unsurpassed and whose significance united an entire people under God? So when Jesus predicted the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in Mark 13, his listeners were forced to re-evaluate where their trust and confidence was placed. For those of us listening today, where does true security come from? Hint: it’s not the places where we typically seek first. Listen in with Paul Trimble to hear more. – August 27, 2017

The Vineyard by Travis Williams

After Jesus flipped tables and drove out profiteers from the temple courts with a whip, religious authorities were incensed. Rather than back down, however, Jesus intensified the conflict by telling a sharp-edged story that implicated those questioning Him and has resonance and power for us today as well. Join Travis Williams as he explains this conflict and how it impacts us today from Mark chapter 12. – August 20, 2017

So You Had a Bad by Randy Tinnin

In Mark 11, Jesus curses a fig tree for not bearing fruit and then creates a scene by flipping tables in the temple courts. Was he just having a bad day? “Hangry”? Did Jesus have bad days? There’s more to this account than meets the eye. Join Randy Tinnin as he digs into some of the truths of the message Jesus was bringing forth through his words and actions—they have deep meaning for us today and can help us re-orient our lives accordingly. – August 6, 2017

A Page Turner by Steve Staten

It’s never a bad idea to try to learn in what areas you need to grow or do better! Join Steve Staten as he walks through lessons learned from a time of consulting with the Jacksonville Church, a compelling vision for the future, and history-altering principles embedded in Scriptures that can generate wisdom, peace, and wholeness for us as a spiritual family. – August 6, 2017

Consultation Report 2017 by Steve Staten – All Hands Devotional –

– August 4, 2017

Mark 9 by Paul Trimble

Jesus had some strong and sobering words for his followers in Mark 9. Behind those words is a spiritual reality that means that our every day, moment, and interaction are pregnant with deep meaning and significance—and that there is a destination for all of us that is worth every ounce of effort we can muster. Watch or listen to hear more. – July 30, 2017

When God Lets You Down by James Robbins

Who hasn’t felt disappointed by God at some point? If you believe in a good God, what do you make of that? In this message, Jamie Robbins relates the account of a woman whom Jesus declines to help—and digs into what it is about God that we may need to grapple with to better understand Him. – July 13, 2017

There is No “G” in Jesus by Azariah Barrow

“There’s no ‘G’ in Jesus.” During Jesus’ days on planet Earth, people put all sorts of different expectations and interpretations on him—not much different than today. Join Azariah ‘AZ’ Barrow as he talks about who Jesus is…and who he isn’t. – July 16, 2017

Mission Possible by Nick Dambrose and Kendal Frantz

Listen to Nick Dambrose and Kendal Frantz discuss the teaching and actions of Jesus in Mark 6 as we continue the series from the book of Mark. – July 9, 2017

Out of Reach by Randy Tinnin

Randy and Rhonda Tinnin mine Mark 5 for nuggets of wisdom and insight worth their weight in gold. Don’t miss this scintillating dialogue that will move you to appreciate Jesus in new and profound ways—and may change your mind about whether God can reach a loved one who seems out of reach (or even yourself)! – July 2, 2017

A Little Bit of Crazy Part 2 – Paul Trimble

As we continue in the series from the book of Mark, we encounter another of Jesus’ teachings filled with surprise and paradox. “For to the one who has, it will be given, and from the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.” While it sounds like the old maxim that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, this saying actually encapsulates both a great mystery and a deep spiritual principle that we would all do well to understand and embody. – June 25, 2017

A Little Bit of Crazy – Travis Albritton

– Why did Jesus so often surprise people by going against the grain of what religious leaders expected of him? Travis Albritton explains why Jesus saw things differently and how we might learn to do the same. – June 18, 2017

Missing The Point – James Robbins

Missing the Point: When Jesus healed and forgave people in his hometown, the people’s reaction was mixed. When he broke the religious rules, some were offended and questioned him. In fact, then, as now, it is all to easy to miss the point of why Jesus came and what he did. In this message from Mark 2, Jamie Robbins highlights what it is about Jesus’ message that offends some, but brings great comfort and joy to others. – June 11, 2017

The Day God Stood In Line – James Robbins

The Day God Stood in Line—Listen in to the first message in this series from the Book of Mark as Jamie Robbins describes the day God stood in line, the first of many actions Jesus performed during his days on Earth in order to be one of us. Because of this, we will always have someone to go to who understands, is worthy of our trust, and acts in our best interests. – June 4, 2017

Taming The Beast – Use Your Anger For Good – Episode 6 – Jonathan Perkins

Join Jonathan Perkins as he concludes the Taming of the Beast series. How we handle our anger is one of the most crucial elements of our lives—it has the power to create either incredible results or disastrous and long-lasting consequences. How did Jesus handle his anger (yes, he got angry!)? How will we? This final episode of the series will encourage, challenge, and equip you to master and direct your anger.- May 28, 2017

Taming the Beast – Turning Anger Inward – Episode 5 – Jonathan Perkins

In this series, Jonathan Perkins discusses how we can be the masters of our anger using our bodies, our brains, and the Bible. In this episode, he explains two of the four anger styles—The Somatizer and the Self-Punisher, and how we can process anger in a way that lead to better and healthier outcomes, all while honoring God. – May 21, 2017

Taming The Beast – The Hidden Darts of the Underhanded – Episode 4 – Jonathan Perkins
– May 14, 2017

Join Jonathan Perkins for Episode 4 of “Taming the Beast”. Anger is a gift from God, but how we process and act on it can determine whether it has constructive or destructive consequences in our lives and those we care about. Listen in on this episode as Jonathan discusses “The Underhander”, a distinct and clever anger mis-management style. The biblical example of this anger style may not be familiar to you, but you will come away with some understanding and conviction of real-life use to you and your loved ones.

Taming the Beast – Slow It Down – Episode 3 – by Jonathan Perkins – May 7, 2017

Even though our anger can have destructive consequences, God gave us this emotion for good reason—and He himself experiences anger. What can we learn from the bible about how God expects us to use our anger for good and not evil? And what does neurobiology have to say about how and why we act out in our anger? Knowing this can help us be the master of our minds and bodies and to love God with all of our mind and strength.

Taming the Beast – Turning Anger Inward – Episode 5 – Jonathan Perkins
– May 22, 2017

Taming The Beast, A Brand-New Series on Mastering Anger by Jonathan Perkins – April 23, 2017

If you have ever struggled with how to handle your anger, this series is for you. Join Jonathan Perkins as he talks about “Taming the Beast”. In this first message of the series, Jonathan asks whether anger is a sin or instead is it perhaps a gift and tool from God? We know it can have destructive consequences, but can it be harnessed for good? We’ll look at the Bible for answers, and we’ll also learn what the science of neurochemistry tells us about anger. Watch or listen along as we learn together to tame the beast.

Risen, Easter Sunday Message by James Robbins – April 16, 2017

It may be shocking to think that on the first “Easter” Sunday, there was no Bible and perhaps no believers. Yet with a few choice words to a devoted friend, a chain of events was set into motion that would change the life trajectory of billions of people and alter history itself. Listen in with Jamie Robbins as he describes a morning’s event that no one saw coming.

5 Keys to An Indestructible Joy – Part 5

The average person receives hundreds of digital messages, thousands of advertising messages, and tens of thousands of his or her own internal thoughts every day. With so much noise, how can we find an internal peace and clarity, and focus on what is most important in life? Join us as we discuss this fifth and final key to an indestructible joy.-4/09/17

5 Keys to An Indestructible Joy – Part 4

Have you ever gone “all in” on something in your life? If you have, you know it can be both exhilarating and a bit scary. What prevents us from going all in with God? In this message, Paul Trimble talks about how God has given us what we need to overcome those hurdles. Watch or listen along as we discuss the 4th Key to an Indestructible Joy.-4/02/17

5 Keys to An Indestructible Joy – Part 3

Ever heard of the fundamental attribution error? How about illusory superiority? If not, you may want to catch this message to find out if you’re one of the many people falling victim to these traps. Also, you’ll learn the third Key to an Indestructible Joy. Here’s a hint: the people in your life will thank you.–3/26/17

5 Keys to An Indestructible Joy – Part 2

If everyone wants to be happy, seeks to be happy, and thinks they know what will make them happy, why do so many people end up unhappy? Even people who seem to have every possible resource at their disposal often end up in a state of tragic unhappiness. Perhaps this is a clue that the key to indestructible joy isn’t in us, or about us, at all. Listen to this second message of the series as we talk about the 2nd Key to an Indestructible Joy.

5 Keys to An Indestructible Joy – Part 1

Indomitable. Bulletproof. Invincible. What if these words described the joy in your life? Is that even possible? In this series, we’ll take a look at a man who was held as a prisoner, betrayed by supposed allies, and uncertain of his future, and yet exuded a sense of freedom and joy that would amaze those of us over the last 20 centuries who have read his words. Join with us as we uncover five keys to an indestructible joy.–3/12/17

Family Matters-Part 4
Divorce and Remarriage

At some point in our lives, most Christians either have dealt with or will deal with a loved one experiencing a divorce. In those tender and trying times, how can we reflect God’s heart towards people and their pain–neither excusing nor burdening someone inappropriately? Dr. Randy Tinnin finishes this series with a holistic approach to the relevant scriptures, landing on conclusions that may surprise some, and will strike others as more balanced and nuanced than what they have heard before.–3/5/17

Family Matters–Part 3

Purity and Marriage

The prevailing approach of our culture to sex is that it is both everything (glorified and omnipresent) and nothing (in spiritual significance). But it’s not just the Bible that has a radically different message. Science, statistics, and historical trends shed light on this topic that is sometimes considered taboo in church. In this message, Barry Mattox takes a fresh and frank look at sex, marriage, and purity today.–2/26/17

Family Matters-Part II

In the second message in this series, Jamie Robbins delves into one of the most controversial and contentious topics in churches today–divorce. What does the Bible say about divorce? What did Jesus teach? Jamie tackles this knotty issue head on, with the aim of providing a fresh perspective while remaining true to the teachings on marriage and divorce from Moses to Jesus and Paul.–2/19/17

Family Matters-Episode 1


All over the world, people from radically different cultures engage in a common tradition–marriage. What are the most crucial building blocks of a marriage, from God’s perspective, and what should be the mindset be of those who are married or looking to get married, towards their spouses and their own vows?–2/12/17

A Holy Discontent Part III

Overcoming Opposition

In any great endeavor worth undertaking, there is bound to be opposition. This is no less true when it comes to “Holy Discontents” that God may put on our hearts. Jonathan Perkins concludes this series with a look at how we can handle ourselves and look to God when the opposition inevitably comes.–2/5/17

A Holy Discontent-Part II

The Big Ask

If you’ve ever had the burning desire to do something great for God, you’ve realized it’s probably going to require more people and resources than you have at your disposal. Join Jonathan Perkins as he discusses “The Big Ask”–how to approach marshaling what is needed to get a huge job done.–1/29/17

A Holy Discontent-Part I

Is it possible that discontent can be a good thing? Join Jonathan Perkins for the first message in this series called “A Holy Discontent”, as he looks at an amazing example of someone who turned his troubled feelings into an incredible accomplishment.–1/22/17

You Will Be Free Indeed Part II

James Robbins talks about how to bridge the gap between who the Bible says we are in God’s eyes and the day to day reality of how we can think about ourselves and God.–1/15/17

You Will Be Free Indeed

In this message, guest speaker Doug Lightening talks about the key to the joyful, powerful life intended for Christians to live–a grasp of our deepest identity in God’s eyes.–1/8/17

Waiting for Jesus Part III
In the Meantime, the In-Between Time

In the final message from the series Waiting for Jesus, Paul Trimble recaps “The Story” and what’s so surprising about the particular chapter and our particular role in which we find ourselves in the story.–12/18/16

Waiting For Jesus-Part II

And the Oscar Goes to…

If you’ve ever seen the Oscars, you know that moment when the winner of the best lead actor is read from an envelope leads to elation for some and disappointment for others. In this message, Paul Trimble discusses the main character and lead actor in the story we’re in, the role Christians have been selected to play, and why this should be a source of liberation, energy, and a keen sense of responsibility for us.–12/11/16

Waiting for Jesus-Part I
The Power of Perspective

Have you ever had the feeling that all is not right–that the world is not as it should be? In this message, Paul Trimble talks about how that feeling could, in fact, be a clue to understanding the bigger story that we are living in. Knowing that story can be the key to a deep well of motivation and perspective to draw from in our daily lives, ultimately allowing us to “think decades, not days” when it comes to how we view our lives.–12/4/16

When Small is Big-Part IV
Small Deeds, Big Faith

In this message, Randy Tinnin discusses navigating a hostile and divisive political climate in a way that is fitting for someone who believes that God is big and people are small. He also highlights some amazing examples of people displaying a big faith through sometimes small deeds.–11/27/16

When Small is Big-Part III

In this lesson from the series “When Small is Big”, Jonathan Perkins talks about what it looks like to purge the pervasive “fear of man” that threatens to restrict and paralyze our lives.–11/20/16

When Small is Big-Part II (Identify)

Sometimes, the fear of what others may think of us looms so large in our lives that it can come to dominate us, paralyze us, or cause us to do cringeworthy things. In this message, Jonathan Perkins reminds us of just such an account in the Bible, and gives us the chance to identify the “golden cat” in our lives that may be casting an outsized shadow.–11/6/16

When Small is Big-Part I

We all care what other people think, but what exactly are we so afraid of? In this message kicking off a new series, Jonathan Perkins talks about what happens when we fear other people and their judgment, and points us towards the solution.–10/30/16

Love Thy Neighbor Part IV–Home Sweet Home

In this lesson, James Robbins wraps up the Love Thy Neighbor series by examining the story of Jesus’ surprising encounter with a most unlikely new friend. Listen in.

Love Thy Neighbor Part III-A Side Dish of Shame

In this lesson, James Robbins describes one of the most awkward dinner parties in history. Jesus was the guest of honor, and an uninvited guest created a scene that made everyone squirm. As the tension reached its climax, Jesus asked a question that the host probably never forgot, and that resonates with those of us who hear the story today. Listen in to learn more.–10/16/16

Love Thy Neighbor Part II–An Inconvenient Truth

Jamie continues the series with the account of a Bible expert who asked Jesus a simple question: “Who is my neighbor?” In response, Jesus told him a captivating story that turned the question on its head and challenged the expert’s assumptions, along with any of us who dare to listen today.–10/9/16

Love Thy Neighbor, Part I
The Forgotten Command

What does it mean to love your neighbor? And what does that look like in the 21st century? In this lesson, Jamie Robbins begins to unpack this topic by looking at the “Forgotten Command”. Join us for this exciting series–your neighborhood may never be the same.–10/2/16

Start a Tsunami of Good

In this message, Jonathan Perkins talks about what can happen when we decide to simply listen to what the voice of God is asking us to do (Hint: it’s much bigger, bolder, and better than any other plans we may have).–9/18/16

Step Into Your Life

In this message, Dr. Marcus DeCarvalho describes how you can “step into your life” and change when change seems impossible. He also unveils the launch of a new resource to help people who have been struggling to escape addictions that have held them captive for far too long.–9/4/16

Storm Ready

In some parts of the world, fall means a few things: football, the start of school, and hurricane season. Storms are sure to come in life–not only hurricanes and tornadoes, but events in our lives that shake us and scare us. In this lesson, Paul Trimble shows how one of the most fascinating people in history endured incredible storms only to emerge even stronger and more secure.–8/21/16

Hard Wired

Every year, new creatures are discovered throughout the world by the thousands. Each has been hard wired to perform incredible feats–butterflies who navigate across entire continents to reach an ancestral homeland they’ve never been to, a rare spider crosses over streams with his web, baffling scientists.  Humans are hardwired to ask questions about their origin, the meaning and purpose of their lives, and the existence of God. In this lesson, Jamie Robbins talks about this tells us about who we are, at the core of our being.–8/14/16