The goal of joining a Growth Group is to grow in your walk with Jesus by being around people that can support you in taking your next steps. We believe life is better when you live in community. There are group options available for Married, Coed, Men, Women and more.
We want to help you find the best fit.


Is Childcare Provided

Not all Groups offer childcare, but there are options available. Make sure to let us know if you would like to join a group with childcare. Some groups will have participants share responsibility in watching the children, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements.

How often do Groups meet?

Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Our groups meet every week for a 10-week semester. We have three semesters of groups during the year. (Winter, Spring & Fall)

Our Group search site has details on the day, time and how often each Group meets.

Where do Groups meet?

Groups meet mostly in homes but some meet at our church or in restaurants and in coffee shops. We will help you find a Group near you based on your preferences when you sign up.

What will my Group study?

Most Groups study through the homework that is given on Sunday and corresponds with the sermon. Some groups however study a variety of subjects from finances to marriage. You can find more about the current group offerings at the Welcome Center in the Auditorium on Sunday mornings.



If you have questions, please email us and we’ll help you with whatever you need.