A Church For Real People

At Jax Church, you’ll meet a lot of people who are far from perfect but are striving to grow in their faith and walk with God.  You’ll also meet a lot of people who have found hope in Jesus and that hope has changed their lives. Through Jesus we find freedom from the things that cause so much hurt and discover what it means to have a fulfilled life.

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Keeping It Simple

At Jax Church, you will find a group of ordinary people on a journey with an extraordinary God. We try to keep things simple here; love God, each other, and our city. It’s this simple mandate that guides us as we strive to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

A Journey

All of us are at different places in our journey and Jax Church is somewhere you can find guidance and encouragement for the road ahead. We are not called to judge one another, but rather to help each other grow in our love for God and for others.

You’re Different For a Reason

God has made you unique for a purpose. It’s His desire for you to use your gifts to serve Him and make a difference in this life. We all have something to give. We provide an environment for you to grow in your faith and help you leverage your gifts for the good of others.

An Epic Story

God’s story is both riveting and remarkable. He has gone to great lengths to get our attention, let us know that He’s there, and convince us how much He loves us. His desire is for us to include Him in our own story, so that through a relationship with Him we will live the lives we were destined for.